Oh man! I was still coming back to Earth. I got the most amazing massage and Reiki at the Alchemy Arts Center. Then, through the beautiful set of arched doors and overall architecture that somehow unites the signature Santa Barbara Spanish colonial revival style with details that are kind of Persian to my eyes (lovely!), I slowly and sleepily made my way downstairs to the café. Christine was waiting for me down there. I thought that from the buoyant condition I found myself, I could only further benefit from my bed. I was wrong! After being pampered by touch and positive intentions, I was taken care of with a menu that is like me (vegetarian, but with eggs). Well, the thing about me is that when I go places to eat I don’t usually see menus; what I see are ingredients for me to play “Chef Thi” – I’m pretty sure the in-house chefs think it’s a great game too. So, I had my on-the-spot creation: “Thiago’s Scrambled Eggs with Steamed Veggies”. The friendly (for real) waiter was really nice to have it done for me. Christine had the Sweet Potato & Swiss Chard Frittata. And the grand finale, which totally did the job of waking me up completely now, was the delicious Chocolate Pot. Unfortunately the Chocolate Pot was too small for extending my spa day with a bath, but it did a great job feeding my unending chocolate craving for a few hours. It also was a great sub for a cake. Yes, it’s my birthday and a great one too. Now that we’re maca fueled, we’re sealing it with a swim at Carpinteria Beach. Santa Barbara I wanna kiss you in the mouth!


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