Hello Portland! Hello Harlow! Oh yeah, Christine had a work trip to Portland that had nothing to do with me, but since I’m such an awesome husband I tagged along. And here we are (Christine on the other side of this picture) at this lovely café in the funky Southeast area of the city.

Even though pumpkins are gourds – and unless there’s erva mate in a gourd, I want nothing to do with it – I chose to hold this pumpkin because it’s Halloween! – and Portlanders are so into their Halloween. A stroll around Portland on Halloween night was like being in a movie where monsters are nice and civilized.

Nice people also made the staff of this great spot Harlow – sister café of Prasad at the other side of the river; equally nice and awesome.

Because I came back here for more, I got to try so many things – on top of the 47 or so “no-bake” cookies I got from the counter.  The dish you see is the awesome Vegan Mac n’ Cheese with KALE! (Kale is my friend). There’s great brunch options too, like the Mercy Blues poached eggs which I enjoyed with the delicious Harlow chai.

Left Portland feeling the love and remembering the food (a Mecca of organics). Didn’t see a whole lot of the sun in this visit, but the light was certainly in the people.

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