Ok, the Farmer & the Cook is a place I wish was in Santa Barbara – or at least that there was something like that there. I have a huge crush on Santa Barbara, but one thing I wish I saw more of when I was there is ORGANIC RESTAURANTS! There are some, but there should be more. All right, now that I got something totally unrelated to Ojai and Farmer and the Cook out the way, let’s talk about those.

Ojai: a town in California where “Farmer and the Cook” is located.

Need I say more about Farmer and the Cook? That probably isn’t fair to Ojai, but that’s how it was for us. We found the café through a Google search and as we were staying in Santa Barbara we thought “we’ll go there and maybe we’ll get to know Ojai in the process”. Didn’t happen. But F&C did and three times – like a good summer fling. And like a good summer fling it was a major remedy to get over a broken heart: Brazil’s biggest soccer tragedy at the 2014 World Cup. Yes, I’m a Brazilian who didn’t go to the World Cup IN BRAZIL! Well, now you know my psychic abilities are fine tuned.

I had an authentic Mexican dish with the Taquitos, but without everything that makes it Mexican – I don’t eat tomatoes or peppers. I know, I know… there’s more things I don’t eat than do. Welcome to my food blog!

I do drink green juices though – everyday! – which was well taken care of as you can see. Christine was having that beet and something juice there, but since she’s on the other side of this picture, I had my grandpa sit on her chair for this shot.


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