Created from heartfelt prayers and the desire to make songs infused with a graceful, pure and benevolent spirit – while still remaining within the sphere of popular music – Thiago de Melo launches his solo career with this beautiful collection entitled “Home, Family & Roots”.

Drawing from real-life experiences when writing and real live sessions when recording, Thiago succeeds in integrating elements from his native Brazil as well as his American influences in this self-produced album.

The result is a sunny, colorful and sensual musical treat that captivates with its elegance and wins with its truth.

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  1. The First Time
  2. You Get Me High
  3. So Identified
  4. More Myself With You
  5. Menina Linda
  6. Home, Family & Roots
  7. Prayer
  8. A Bird’s Song
  9. Simple Pleasures
  10. Fill My Heart
  11. My Best Friend

Thiago de Melo
Home, Family & Roots

All songs written, produced and sung by Thiago de Melo

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Sunnyheart Recordings

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